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Jeremy Bradley- Hi. Top of The Charts, who's this?
Jeff Foxworthy- Hi, it's Jeff Foxworthy.
JB- Oh no. (laughing)
JF- (laughing) I heard the comment!
JB- You're calling about the redneck thing.
JF- Well, yeah. I mean, please… about licking your fingers?
JB- Yeah. Well, what's your answer? While we've got you on the phone: do you lick your fingers when you eat?
JF- Well, if you're eating something with a fork, like peas, and you're licking your fingers, then I think that's a problem. I think that's probably redneck. But if you're eating fried chicken or pizza… you don't lick your fingers? I can't believe that. What if you have pizza goo and cheese floatin' down your hand?
JB- It's just not appetizing to me. So, what's your favourite then? Like, barbecue wings or…
JF- Yeah, barbecue wings usually gets… to me, if it's a good batch of barbecue wings you can't even wear a shirt while you eat them 'cause you're going to have a big, big mess.
JB- So, you're like licking your arms and everything then?
JF- (laughing) Yeah, when it gets down to licking your arms, I think I might agree with you, you might be a redneck if that's the case.

JB- We've got you on the phone, and I know you're on tour right now with your comedy show and you're headed to Winnipeg, my hometown. What's in store for the audience during… well, is there any finger licking in your show?
JF- (laughing) There hasn't been but maybe we can add that in as an encore now.
JB- Just for Winnipeg.
JF- You know, the toe licking, that's really a problem. It's kind of fun for me to be out doing stand-up, because between doing the Are You Smarter Than A Fifth Grader? show, in the last couple years I've written at least two or three books a year - and I've been out doing promotions and book signings for that - it's kind of fun to go back to my first love which is stand-up so we're getting to do some of that right now.
JB- You've turned this whole redneck thing into a craze - you've got your DVDs, there's clothes - did you ever think this would be so mainstream?
JF- No. You know, it all started in response to… you know, when I first started doing stand-up in Chicago and L.A., they would always kid me because I talk like this and wore jeans and cowboy boots and it was always, "Ah, Jeff, you're nothing but an old redneck from Georgia." And, you know, I've been to all the 50 states and been all across Canada and I'm like, "You know what, yeah, I know I'm a redneck, but it's everywhere. You get 10 minutes outside of any city and people are pretty much the same. I think that's why it became so popular because people looked at it and went, "Uh, I think I'm one, too."
JB- And, that's not necessarily a bad thing."
JF- No, it's not. And, I always called it a glorious absence of sophistication and it didn't really matter where you lived or how much money you had, it was just that ability to, you know… (sigh) and not be very sophisticated in your execution of life. (laughing)
Jeff Foxworthy
The self-proclaimed redneck called Top of The Charts to answer the webpoll question about finger licking.
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